Yoyo Borobia – 2 songs signed for CH & FL

Yoyo Borobia

Yoyo Borobia – Two songs signed

Sweet Goodbye & Pajaro

We’re happy to announce that we signed both “Sweet Goodbye” and “Pajaro” by the Spanish artist Yoyo Borobia for our territory (Switzerland & FL). Yoyo is currently living & touring in South America, and she’s writing new songs for her upcoming album.

Here’s Yoyo‘s biography:

The Singer-songwriter YoYo Borobia is a clear example of a mixure of influences given by the various places where she lived and traveled. She was born in Venezuela, was raised in a Spanish family and lived in Madrid afterwords, later she went to Paris and ended up living in Brazil in 2011, where she discovered an enabling environment for developing projects and further enrich her creations.

She began her musical studies at age 7 playing the cuatro, typical strings instrument from this country, and singing Venezuelan folk songs .

During the university period she participated in several specialization courses and seminars to enrich her musical knowledge. The musical experience was strengthened, and she began her career as a singer participating in jazz groups, soul, gospel, funk, a cappella, Spanish and Latin American music. This miscellanea of genres enriched her musical and cultural influences and where added to her music, coloring her sound with a large ethnic diversity.

In Sao Paulo, 2014 she began her authorial project, and began to receive invitations to participate in several events in diverse cities in Brazil (Recife, South of Brazil in caxias do Sul the ‘Festival Brasileiro de musica de Rua’ in Sierra Gaucha) and also produced in 2015 a tour in Europe, performing in Spain, Portugal (Casa da Musica Porto), France and Belgium.

The support of followers of her work made possible, using a crowdfunding campaign to finance her first CD, which will be released in early 2016 .

All these experiences were the basis to create her new solo show, done with electronic bases in partnership with the Dj and producer Deeplick. A show that takes the influence of Hispano-American and Brazilian music and creates new arrangements with a modern sound.